Change is a-comin’

I’m continuing on with my 30 things to be grateful for and for yesterday and today, I can say I am grateful for:

  • Exercise: it makes such a huge difference in my mood! 
  • Honesty: even when it’s something that is hard to hear, it helps me to grow and become a better person. 
  • Smoothies: I’ve been making one before work since I have been so hungry lately! 

On this journey to 30 I’m seeing that I have some qualities I need to change and that’s hard for me to grasp. Change is hard and yet it is necessary. I need to have the honest conversation with myself about who I want to be in life and what I will allow to affect and impact me in my life. 
On the other side there will be good, no great things. It’s the path in between where the real journey is.  


Why Your Word Means More Than You Think

When keeping and honoring my word comes to mind, I often say I keep my word. If my friend asks me to be somewhere I am there. If my boss asks me to complete something, I complete it. However, when looking closer with some coaching from my mentor (I have a mentor!), Chris, I see very clearly that I don’t keep or honor my word as I want to.
Honoring your word, as I’ve learned, is much much deeper than being at a certain place at a certain time. It means honoring the words or commitment you’ve made to yourself or to someone else, regardless of what it is and keeping the integrity of the commitment. If I say I’m going to complete something for Santosh, then I do it when I say I’m going to do it, which currently I don’t. I say to myself that I’m going to get up and work out in the morning or meditate before I leave for work. What happens? I oversleep and run around to get out the door. 

When keeping track of the many things I’ve agreed to/commit to/said I was going to do… There were many things I didn’t follow through on or they were late. Which was very eye opening. I want to know as an outward accountability to myself and others that I honor my word. I value my commitments to others and I need to value my commitments to myself even more.

If I say I’m going to lookup something for my mother, sister, friend, etc., then I’m going to honor it and do it. If I say I’m going to go to bed early to read, get up and workout before work or meditate, I’m going to do it. 

Moving forward I’m trying to keep track of what I say I’m going to do through keeping a journal and also setting reminders on my phone to ensure I honor and keep.. No more importantly be my word. 

Are there things you give your word to but don’t complete? How have you become more aware to alter your habits in keeping and honoring your word? 

Time to Cheer! It’s Thursday

I write this sitting down after a LONG day. But it was a productive day! By the end of my work day I felt like this:


I got to workout on the elliptical and the treadmill, 35 minutes on each.  Here is my step count after that: 


Slowly I’m focusing more time on my homework for lifehack and elite blog academy since I have time again! It’s amazing what having structure in your day. Now to continue it and make it a permanent habit! 

What habits have you found that have been successful? 

More to come tomorrow! 

Making it through the rough days to see the other side..

I write this as I am on my way home from work in an uber after a really long really really shitty day. 

Today is something I don’t ever want to have happen again and a lot of the cause is because of me. I don’t mean having bad days because we all have those. I mean being the cause of a situation that could have been avoided.

 Not owning up to things because of my insecurities, my fears. Well I am tired of it. I can’t make any headway with any facet of my life if I can’t make headway with myself. Well I’m over it! 

My goals for March are as follows:

  • Let the little things go. 
  • Laugh more. 
  • Own up to things even if they’re bad.
  • Separate out what is dragging me down. Cut the bullshit!
  • Communicate.
  • Workout and take time for me. 
  • Acknowledge that its okay to not know the answers to everything. 
  • Be my own cheerleader. 

Tomorrow is a new day and I will be grateful for it.