Five Friday Faves

The weekend is finally here! With it I have five new Friday faves to discuss: 

  1.  Bosch. It’s an Amazon tv series that just is in its second season. We just finished it last night and it’s fabulous! Try it out if you have a weekend to spare! You could watch the whole thing (if you really want to) 
  2. Starbucks Mobile Orders. I use this everyday on the way to work. You order your drink on the app and pay ahead so that when you get to Starbucks your drink is ready for you and you avoid the line! 
  3. Unroll Me. For all those emails you don’t want anymore and need to unsubscribe, this app will allow you the option to keep or unsubscribe for such emails. It’s amazing! 
  4. Politics and Prose Bookstore. I LOVE this bookstore and live a block over from it. I went there today after work and got to sit in on a book event. The atmosphere is so calming. I will never not love being able to go in there. If you’re in the DC area, visit the store. It’s a DC staple! 
  5. Rainbows. I got to see a beautiful rainbow yesterday on the way home after torrential rain. It’s proof that there is beauty after a storm. 


Have a great weekend! 


Hey Spring… You Can Come Out Now..

It’s Tuesday, April 5th and it’s 28 degrees outside! Where is spring? I’m ready for warmer weather where it’s the perfect balance of warm but not DC Summer’s hot. 

This weekend was a lot busier for me that usual (which I’m not complaining about!) I went and took yoga on Saturday with my girlfriend Kristina at Epic Yoga and then went to a first time home buyers class with Santosh. Yes we are getting everything ready to start looking! I’m excited and nervous (but a good nervous) at the same time. I then went up to friendship heights with my girlfriend Kerie and got all new makeup at Mac. I really like it it’s just a new adjustment to put on new makeup and get into a new habit of using this makeup compared to my old one. 

This was my second attempt at doing it myself (compared to the woman who did it in the store):

Sunday, Santosh and I went to visit Santosh’s parents, ran errands and came home to prep for the week. I baked the oatmeal cranberry bars (which have become a favorite of ours) and the oatmeal no bake bites. I also tried for the first time one of Santosh’s mom’s recipes and it turned out so well! 

The recipe includes: 

  • 1 onion
  • Cumin
  • Puréed Tomatoes (1 can)
  • Turmeric
  • Dal Masala
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Lentils 

Sauté the onion in a pan with a little olive oil and cumin until the onion becomes clear. Add in the puréed tomatoes, turmeric, dal masala and salt and pepper. If you have lentils that cook really quickly, add them directly into the same pan. If you have lentils that cook longer, put them in the rice cooker and once cooked, add them into the pan for a few moments. 


Cooking this weekend reaffirmed for me how much I enjoy cooking and how important it is for me to continue the habit of doing it. I am going to make an conscious effort to keep my word to myself and Santosh for us to cook. 

What habits do you notice that you would like to keep or change? 

It’s Finally the Weekend!

Saturday morning in sweatpants with my cat lady coffee mug (while Maddy sits next to me supervising) allows me to slowly reflect on the past weeks events.

This week was challenging week on many levels with many late nights spent at work. That being said, I have a new perspective on ways to better myself both professionally and personally starting with time management and focusing on myself! I am grateful for the support of the new group of people I’m meeting through Life Hack Bootcamp. We had our first phone call on Thursday and it was so nice to hear other points of view and share about my crappy week and see ways to improve for the week to come. With this new community and course I can’t wait to see what I can bring and learn over the next eight weeks!

It randomly snowed here Thursday night/Friday morning. Thankfully there were no delays and it didn’t stick to the ground or roads (that’s when it really becomes a mess to drive and metro in DC!). I have to admit it was really beautiful to look at:


Last night Santosh and I went out for dinner at Sequoia which is this beautiful restaurant on the water in Georgetown. Our dinner was fabulous!


We hadn’t been there since last April when my wonderful friend Katie married her husband Steve at the same location! This is a photo from her wedding day last April which I think is a perfect snapshot of our relationship:

View More:

Today I am looking forward to a run (yes a run) outside and then some downtime for reading, lifehack bootcamp homework and my new blog class homework.

What will you do with your Saturday?

March first.. Wait what? 

It’s March!?? Where did February go? Not that I would want the cold weather to stay around any longer than necessary but if time could slow down a notch that would be great. 

With the beginning of a new month, I am going to have new goals for March, which I need to be accountable for. I will be working on those today to share tomorrow inclusive of blogging on time! 

Quick recap (which autocorrected to kneecap before I corrected it): Saturday and Sunday I taught class, which was necessary after a very stressful week at work. Saturday night we went to a 30thbbirthday party with friends in which the theme was the  Beer Olympics and everyone was a different team. Great idea right?? There were all these fun relay games that were hysterically fun to do and fun to watch! 


Santosh and I were team USA. So I wore a white t-shirt, a red striped scarf from Old Navy and jeans. 


It was easy and cheap since Old Navy had the entire store on sale for 40% off! I may have also purchased more workout clothes (who wouldn’t at those prices!?) This outfit was a new purchase:

In the works: I started my webinar with life hack on Sunday night and I have to say I am so exited about it! I am going to start working on my work with elite blog academy today. I am equally excited about both courses and the immense amount of support from both communities of wonderful people as well as Santosh’s constant and continuing support.