It’s a Maniac Monday… 

Ok it’s not really a maniac Monday, only when it comes to the metro. Metro is shutting down parts of every line for the next year (which means it’s virtually impossible to get to work in a decent time) and soon I’ll have to work from home as I won’t have a way to get to work. 

Aside from that, I had a great weekend! I went to NJ to see my niece, Haleigh’s dance recital. I got to spend time with my family, which is always great and see my niece dance. 

She did awesome! It brings back so many wonderful memories for me of how much I enjoyed it and how I need to find more dance classes in the area. On Saturday Haleigh and I got to paint pottery at this fun place called Family Clay Time, where you paint a piece of pottery and if you want to drink/eat out of it, you have to put it in the kiln. So we will get them in a week. I’m super excited. We both picked mugs. Here they are below: 

Who do you think picked the Princess Mug? I almost considered that one. 

Once they come out of the kiln, they will be very bright in color and have a nice glaze to them. 

I came back to DC yesterday afternoon and immediately went to the grocery store so that I could do… Yep you guessed it! Meal prep! 

Now that I have a system, it’s getting faster. Picking what to have for the week usually is the toughest and then once that’s decided, I go to work! 

Here’s the finished product below:

This week I made:

  1. Granola Bars (they have become a staple!)
  2. Coconut oil granola
  3. Southwestern quinoa
  4. Sweet potatoes with corn
  5. Chicken Breast
  6. Salmon
  7. Regular Quinoa (seasoned with garlic powder, onion powder and Pink Himalayan salt)
  8. Cottage cheese

Trip Recap to Baltimore for Mom’s Birthday

It was quite a week with my allergies taking me down for the count. I lost my voice and wasn’t able to really do much of anything huge in terms of working out. However, that wasn’t going to get in the way of me going to enjoy the weekend with my mother and sister, Alexis for my mom’s birthday! 

We stayed at the Hyatt Regency at Inner Harbor  where our view was awesome! This is a picture of the room: 

Friday night we went out for dinner and drinks and then walked around the shops at inner harbor. 

We gave mom her birthday presents from Kate Spade:

The hotel also gave us complimentary champagne and chocolate to wish my mom a happy birthday! 

Saturday we went to this really cute place for breakfast in the city before we went to arundel mills to shop. And shop we did! I got a lot of great stuff for work and for our upcoming trip (my sister and I are going to Jamaica!) 

My sister booked appointments for us all to get out hair done at Studio 921 where I actually (after some coaxing) got my hair cut. My hair was so long and in need of it so I had 5.5 inches cut off! Picture to follow. 

For dinner, we went to Fogo de Chao which is a Brazilian Steakhouse. You flip this circular thing over from red (shown here) to green and that means bring on the meat! All kinds of meat come out and when you’re full or need a break you flip it back to red! 

We had some cake brought out for mom to sing happy birthday to her: 

And here is a picture of the three of us (I get my great genetics from my mother as you can see):

Sunday we went to this pub called James Joyce Pub where there was a live band playing. More and more people would sit down to watch them play. It was great! Here’s a snippet of them playing: 

Unfortunately the weekends are always too short and we had to head back to get ready for the week. All in all I’m so happy I got to spend the weekend with two of my favorite people in the whole world. 

Weekend Wrap-Up/Hello Monday

This past weekend flew by in a blur! I went home to NJ to see my niece compete in her very first dance competition. It brought up so many memories for me. I’ve been dancing since I was 3 and I tried Tap, Jazz, Irish step dancing, clogging, ballet, and I competed with my sister for 8 years). 

Dancing shaped a lot of who I am and I am proud that my niece gets the chance to experience what my sister and I both did. 

This was my shirt for the competition:


Being an aunt is amazing. Every time I get to go home and see Haleigh it’s a gift. She’s such a sweet kid with a lot of personality and some sass (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing) She’s so smart as well.  

I am grateful for the games we get to play, the books she is now reading to me and fun artwork we get to do together like this:


She reminds me of what’s worth fretting over and what isn’t. 

It’s Finally the Weekend!

Saturday morning in sweatpants with my cat lady coffee mug (while Maddy sits next to me supervising) allows me to slowly reflect on the past weeks events.

This week was challenging week on many levels with many late nights spent at work. That being said, I have a new perspective on ways to better myself both professionally and personally starting with time management and focusing on myself! I am grateful for the support of the new group of people I’m meeting through Life Hack Bootcamp. We had our first phone call on Thursday and it was so nice to hear other points of view and share about my crappy week and see ways to improve for the week to come. With this new community and course I can’t wait to see what I can bring and learn over the next eight weeks!

It randomly snowed here Thursday night/Friday morning. Thankfully there were no delays and it didn’t stick to the ground or roads (that’s when it really becomes a mess to drive and metro in DC!). I have to admit it was really beautiful to look at:


Last night Santosh and I went out for dinner at Sequoia which is this beautiful restaurant on the water in Georgetown. Our dinner was fabulous!


We hadn’t been there since last April when my wonderful friend Katie married her husband Steve at the same location! This is a photo from her wedding day last April which I think is a perfect snapshot of our relationship:

View More:

Today I am looking forward to a run (yes a run) outside and then some downtime for reading, lifehack bootcamp homework and my new blog class homework.

What will you do with your Saturday?

Sprite, Surprise Valentine’s and Tums Make it All Better

It was a really busy day at work and used a technique taught to me on this webinar that I attended through LifeHack Bootcamp. 


I haven’t felt much better today and on top of it my stomach is now bothering me. Santosh picked me up from work and we stopped at cvs for a few things including something I’ve never had to really buy before:

Apparently I’m really getting up there in age to need tums. Just kidding! 30 is the new 20 I’m told. I hope they help along with the Sprite Santosh walked to the fireststation for (since our buildings vending machine is a piece of crap). 

Aside from taking any form of medicine, I know love is a big proponent of helping to feel better (hence Santosh walking to get me Sprite). So when I saw I had a card from my niece for Valentine’s Day…I opened it and it read this:   

I definitely teared up and then called my niece to thank you her. She proceeded to tell me about her Valentine’s Day and about how she’s learning about Abraham Lincoln and how John Wilkes Booth shot and killed him. Pretty incredible for a seven year old in my opinion. But it did make my day brighter. It’s the little things that make it better.