Motivational Monday

Monday mornings are always an interesting transition back into the week. I feel like I ask every Monday “where did the weekend go?” (And what a great weekend it was!)

Saturday I got to go to Jazzercise and spent the remainder of the day relaxing and catching up on life hack Bootcamp homework as well as tv shows I’ve been meaning to watch. Sunday I taught class and then Santosh and I went downtown to meet friends to walk around the cherry blossoms.  

This is huge for me because in the entire time I’ve lived in DC I have never gone down to the cherry blossoms (tragedy I know). So it was a big moment for me! Here are a few pictures (they don’t do they any justice) from us all walking around the tidal basin: 


 A picture of the group:


Santosh and I: 

Now that being said, about the weekend.. I have a new goal. Instead of focusing on where the weekend went, I’m going to have a motivational/inspiration for my Monday’s to focus on for my week. What will I focus on this week to motivate myself and as a result possibly motivate others? 

This week I’m going to focus on being in the moment. So many times I miss out on what’s going on around me as I am already thinking/worrying about what’s next, about what I have to accomplish, etc. So I will take more time to appreciate the time with people, the conversations, the quiet moments and the love I have in my life everyday. 



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