Weekend Wrap-Up/Hello Monday

This past weekend flew by in a blur! I went home to NJ to see my niece compete in her very first dance competition. It brought up so many memories for me. I’ve been dancing since I was 3 and I tried Tap, Jazz, Irish step dancing, clogging, ballet, and I competed with my sister for 8 years). 

Dancing shaped a lot of who I am and I am proud that my niece gets the chance to experience what my sister and I both did. 

This was my shirt for the competition:


Being an aunt is amazing. Every time I get to go home and see Haleigh it’s a gift. She’s such a sweet kid with a lot of personality and some sass (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing) She’s so smart as well.  

I am grateful for the games we get to play, the books she is now reading to me and fun artwork we get to do together like this:


She reminds me of what’s worth fretting over and what isn’t. 


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