Hello is this on?  I’m back! 

So I know I’ve said this before… it’s been a crazy few weeks and with all of the things I’ve fallen behind on… Blogging has clearly suffered. Well not anymore! I will be making drafts to ensure that posts go out regularly. 

Today the entire metro shut down. Talk about something both dramatic and drastic. I don’t think anything like this would be done except in the event of a zombie apocalypse. I got to work from home is good and bad with Mandy constantly wanting to be my assistant and then sleeping on the job. 

I got a quick workout in with a circuit I repeated five times (I owe credit to santosh for giving me the idea) in which I did jumping jacks, full body squats, crunches, arm raises with a bag of potatoes (we don’t have kettlebells in the apartment) and push-ups. Within the of the circuit at 30 minutes I was drenched! Goes to show me that not everything has to be done for a duration of time and I don’t always need a machine to do my workout. I did this in my apartment! 

This is going to be a short post as I’m already in bed and really looking forward to going to sleep. I will be irritant more tomorrow!


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