Monday you came too soon.. 

Monday morning is here already? I swear  the weekends fly by quicker and quicker. That being said, we had a good productive weekend! 

Saturday I went for a four mile run (my quads are reminding me why I need to run more often) and it felt really good to run outside. It made me realize and accept I need to be better about scheduling time to run. 

Sunday we knocked out a lot! We went to Peets Coffee where there was a lot of love in my latte and then to Wegmans (only my second time being there). 


We took care of laundry, groceries and meal prep (inclusive of chili in the crockpot, quinoa salad, quiche (with spinach this time) the same oatmeal and cranberry bars I made two weeks ago mentioned here and the no bake peanut butter bites. 



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