It’s Finally the Weekend!

Saturday morning in sweatpants with my cat lady coffee mug (while Maddy sits next to me supervising) allows me to slowly reflect on the past weeks events.

This week was challenging week on many levels with many late nights spent at work. That being said, I have a new perspective on ways to better myself both professionally and personally starting with time management and focusing on myself! I am grateful for the support of the new group of people I’m meeting through Life Hack Bootcamp. We had our first phone call on Thursday and it was so nice to hear other points of view and share about my crappy week and see ways to improve for the week to come. With this new community and course I can’t wait to see what I can bring and learn over the next eight weeks!

It randomly snowed here Thursday night/Friday morning. Thankfully there were no delays and it didn’t stick to the ground or roads (that’s when it really becomes a mess to drive and metro in DC!). I have to admit it was really beautiful to look at:


Last night Santosh and I went out for dinner at Sequoia which is this beautiful restaurant on the water in Georgetown. Our dinner was fabulous!


We hadn’t been there since last April when my wonderful friend Katie married her husband Steve at the same location! This is a photo from her wedding day last April which I think is a perfect snapshot of our relationship:

View More:

Today I am looking forward to a run (yes a run) outside and then some downtime for reading, lifehack bootcamp homework and my new blog class homework.

What will you do with your Saturday?


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