March first.. Wait what? 

It’s March!?? Where did February go? Not that I would want the cold weather to stay around any longer than necessary but if time could slow down a notch that would be great. 

With the beginning of a new month, I am going to have new goals for March, which I need to be accountable for. I will be working on those today to share tomorrow inclusive of blogging on time! 

Quick recap (which autocorrected to kneecap before I corrected it): Saturday and Sunday I taught class, which was necessary after a very stressful week at work. Saturday night we went to a 30thbbirthday party with friends in which the theme was the  Beer Olympics and everyone was a different team. Great idea right?? There were all these fun relay games that were hysterically fun to do and fun to watch! 


Santosh and I were team USA. So I wore a white t-shirt, a red striped scarf from Old Navy and jeans. 


It was easy and cheap since Old Navy had the entire store on sale for 40% off! I may have also purchased more workout clothes (who wouldn’t at those prices!?) This outfit was a new purchase:

In the works: I started my webinar with life hack on Sunday night and I have to say I am so exited about it! I am going to start working on my work with elite blog academy today. I am equally excited about both courses and the immense amount of support from both communities of wonderful people as well as Santosh’s constant and continuing support. 


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