Motivational Monday

Monday mornings are always an interesting transition back into the week. I feel like I ask every Monday “where did the weekend go?” (And what a great weekend it was!)

Saturday I got to go to Jazzercise and spent the remainder of the day relaxing and catching up on life hack Bootcamp homework as well as tv shows I’ve been meaning to watch. Sunday I taught class and then Santosh and I went downtown to meet friends to walk around the cherry blossoms.  

This is huge for me because in the entire time I’ve lived in DC I have never gone down to the cherry blossoms (tragedy I know). So it was a big moment for me! Here are a few pictures (they don’t do they any justice) from us all walking around the tidal basin: 


 A picture of the group:


Santosh and I: 

Now that being said, about the weekend.. I have a new goal. Instead of focusing on where the weekend went, I’m going to have a motivational/inspiration for my Monday’s to focus on for my week. What will I focus on this week to motivate myself and as a result possibly motivate others? 

This week I’m going to focus on being in the moment. So many times I miss out on what’s going on around me as I am already thinking/worrying about what’s next, about what I have to accomplish, etc. So I will take more time to appreciate the time with people, the conversations, the quiet moments and the love I have in my life everyday. 



Weekend Wrap-Up/Hello Monday

This past weekend flew by in a blur! I went home to NJ to see my niece compete in her very first dance competition. It brought up so many memories for me. I’ve been dancing since I was 3 and I tried Tap, Jazz, Irish step dancing, clogging, ballet, and I competed with my sister for 8 years). 

Dancing shaped a lot of who I am and I am proud that my niece gets the chance to experience what my sister and I both did. 

This was my shirt for the competition:


Being an aunt is amazing. Every time I get to go home and see Haleigh it’s a gift. She’s such a sweet kid with a lot of personality and some sass (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing) She’s so smart as well.  

I am grateful for the games we get to play, the books she is now reading to me and fun artwork we get to do together like this:


She reminds me of what’s worth fretting over and what isn’t. 

Hello is this on?  I’m back! 

So I know I’ve said this before… it’s been a crazy few weeks and with all of the things I’ve fallen behind on… Blogging has clearly suffered. Well not anymore! I will be making drafts to ensure that posts go out regularly. 

Today the entire metro shut down. Talk about something both dramatic and drastic. I don’t think anything like this would be done except in the event of a zombie apocalypse. I got to work from home is good and bad with Mandy constantly wanting to be my assistant and then sleeping on the job. 

I got a quick workout in with a circuit I repeated five times (I owe credit to santosh for giving me the idea) in which I did jumping jacks, full body squats, crunches, arm raises with a bag of potatoes (we don’t have kettlebells in the apartment) and push-ups. Within the of the circuit at 30 minutes I was drenched! Goes to show me that not everything has to be done for a duration of time and I don’t always need a machine to do my workout. I did this in my apartment! 

This is going to be a short post as I’m already in bed and really looking forward to going to sleep. I will be irritant more tomorrow!

Time to Cheer! It’s Thursday

I write this sitting down after a LONG day. But it was a productive day! By the end of my work day I felt like this:


I got to workout on the elliptical and the treadmill, 35 minutes on each.  Here is my step count after that: 


Slowly I’m focusing more time on my homework for lifehack and elite blog academy since I have time again! It’s amazing what having structure in your day. Now to continue it and make it a permanent habit! 

What habits have you found that have been successful? 

More to come tomorrow! 

Monday you came too soon.. 

Monday morning is here already? I swear  the weekends fly by quicker and quicker. That being said, we had a good productive weekend! 

Saturday I went for a four mile run (my quads are reminding me why I need to run more often) and it felt really good to run outside. It made me realize and accept I need to be better about scheduling time to run. 

Sunday we knocked out a lot! We went to Peets Coffee where there was a lot of love in my latte and then to Wegmans (only my second time being there). 


We took care of laundry, groceries and meal prep (inclusive of chili in the crockpot, quinoa salad, quiche (with spinach this time) the same oatmeal and cranberry bars I made two weeks ago mentioned here and the no bake peanut butter bites. 


It’s Finally the Weekend!

Saturday morning in sweatpants with my cat lady coffee mug (while Maddy sits next to me supervising) allows me to slowly reflect on the past weeks events.

This week was challenging week on many levels with many late nights spent at work. That being said, I have a new perspective on ways to better myself both professionally and personally starting with time management and focusing on myself! I am grateful for the support of the new group of people I’m meeting through Life Hack Bootcamp. We had our first phone call on Thursday and it was so nice to hear other points of view and share about my crappy week and see ways to improve for the week to come. With this new community and course I can’t wait to see what I can bring and learn over the next eight weeks!

It randomly snowed here Thursday night/Friday morning. Thankfully there were no delays and it didn’t stick to the ground or roads (that’s when it really becomes a mess to drive and metro in DC!). I have to admit it was really beautiful to look at:


Last night Santosh and I went out for dinner at Sequoia which is this beautiful restaurant on the water in Georgetown. Our dinner was fabulous!


We hadn’t been there since last April when my wonderful friend Katie married her husband Steve at the same location! This is a photo from her wedding day last April which I think is a perfect snapshot of our relationship:

View More:

Today I am looking forward to a run (yes a run) outside and then some downtime for reading, lifehack bootcamp homework and my new blog class homework.

What will you do with your Saturday?

Making it through the rough days to see the other side..

I write this as I am on my way home from work in an uber after a really long really really shitty day. 

Today is something I don’t ever want to have happen again and a lot of the cause is because of me. I don’t mean having bad days because we all have those. I mean being the cause of a situation that could have been avoided.

 Not owning up to things because of my insecurities, my fears. Well I am tired of it. I can’t make any headway with any facet of my life if I can’t make headway with myself. Well I’m over it! 

My goals for March are as follows:

  • Let the little things go. 
  • Laugh more. 
  • Own up to things even if they’re bad.
  • Separate out what is dragging me down. Cut the bullshit!
  • Communicate.
  • Workout and take time for me. 
  • Acknowledge that its okay to not know the answers to everything. 
  • Be my own cheerleader. 

Tomorrow is a new day and I will be grateful for it. 

March first.. Wait what? 

It’s March!?? Where did February go? Not that I would want the cold weather to stay around any longer than necessary but if time could slow down a notch that would be great. 

With the beginning of a new month, I am going to have new goals for March, which I need to be accountable for. I will be working on those today to share tomorrow inclusive of blogging on time! 

Quick recap (which autocorrected to kneecap before I corrected it): Saturday and Sunday I taught class, which was necessary after a very stressful week at work. Saturday night we went to a 30thbbirthday party with friends in which the theme was the  Beer Olympics and everyone was a different team. Great idea right?? There were all these fun relay games that were hysterically fun to do and fun to watch! 


Santosh and I were team USA. So I wore a white t-shirt, a red striped scarf from Old Navy and jeans. 


It was easy and cheap since Old Navy had the entire store on sale for 40% off! I may have also purchased more workout clothes (who wouldn’t at those prices!?) This outfit was a new purchase:

In the works: I started my webinar with life hack on Sunday night and I have to say I am so exited about it! I am going to start working on my work with elite blog academy today. I am equally excited about both courses and the immense amount of support from both communities of wonderful people as well as Santosh’s constant and continuing support.