Love is Around Each and Every Day

I am so happy to be sitting on my couch while the snow is falling outside, eating my very quick take on Breakfast Enchiladas (corn tortillas with eggs and cheese on top):


The trick to keep the shape is to fill the tortilla and roll them over so they don’t break from the weight of the eggs and stay in the shape of the enchilada. I love cheese so I added some to the eggs and sprinkled the rest on top to make it look just like enchiladas without the heavy sauce.

Okay weekend recap!

Saturday after class, Santosh and I went to Springfield to visit his parents. We then went to Dick’s for a very important purchase… a new gym bag for Santosh to carry workout gear as well as his laptop. Earlier this week, Santosh’s work laptop was stolen out of the bag, which had been placed in the trunk. So now Santosh wants to make sure the computer is on him at all times. When he found the bag, it was on sale for $62. It rang up at $17! I couldn’t pass up getting one myself… which Santosh got for me for Valentines Day.

Here are the bags:


Sunday I taught a love filled class for Jazzercise, which was fun and I also didn’t have to learn any new routines. Here is the set:


For brunch, Santosh and I went to our favorite place, Jake’s American Grille which is a block away from where we live. Delicious and convenient!


For Valentine’s Day dinner, Santosh made reservations at Art and Soul which is owned by Art Smith, who I have followed for a while since his days as Oprah’s personal chef through him being on Top Chef Masters. I was excited on so many levels for this meal!

Our meal is displayed in pictures below (yes I take pictures of my food- people eat with their eyes before they eat with their mouths and it is work of art!):


We started with a cheese plate that was delicious. The jam I didn’t try but Santosh said it was really good. The pecans were a really nice touch too. Off to a great start!


I had the pork loin (which had bacon wrapped around it) with kielbasa, which sat on top of creamy grits. This dish was amazing. I ate the whole dish, except for the grits I shared with Santosh since I knew he’d love them too.


Santosh had the salmon which was really tender and flavorful and sat on top of couscous with cauliflower.


For dessert, we decided to order two dishes and split. Per the recommendation of our waitress we got the the creme brûlée which was made with grand mariner. This dish was amazing and my favorite.


We also ordered the peanut butter and chocolate cheesecake, which was really really good as well, but Santosh took this dish and I took the creme brûlée.

Along with our two bottles of wine, this dinner was a great meal from start to finish.

I am very grateful to have my valentine each and everyday and want to be more mindful to celebrate love everyday as it is always with me through my friends, family and wonderful boyfriend.


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