Snow or No Snow.. Sunday’s are for Meal Prep

Day 3 of Snow Storm Jonas. It stopped snowing but there is SO MUCH SNOW. I wonder what the city is going to do with all of it. 

This morning Santosh and I went to the gym. I ran a 5k and it felt so good to run again! After we were done, we stepped outside to cool down and take in the snow. After about 5 minutes we were ready to come back in! 

Since the work week is starting again (whether I want to admit it or not), Santosh and I did additional meal prep today. Santosh put in both salmon and tilapia and also put a tofu black bean bowl in the crockpot (picture to come tomorrow!) I put brown rice and quinoa in the rice cooker so we have both and also made my famous peanut butter protein balls pictured below: 


 The recipe is simple: vanilla whey protein powder, peanut butter, flaxseed, honey and dark chocolate chips. I roll them into small balls and then put them in the fridge. They are a great snack post workout and a quick fix for my very active sweet tooth. I just have to watch my portions. If I eat too many of them I’ll end up like this:



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