When there’s a Snow Storm… Always Venture Out! 

Day 2 of the snowstorm Jonas here in DC. I am proud to report that Santosh and I got up this morning and went to the gym. Snow can’t stop the workouts! For a protein filled breakfast we split a protein shake (made of Vanilla protein powder, peanut butter, almond milk, banana, strawberries and ice) and some scrambled eggs. 

We decided to do some meal prep today (which is something really useful to do during a snowstorm) with cutting up lots of vegetables for the breakfast casserole (made up of hash browns, spinach, peppers, onions and eggs), bruschetta, and creamy polenta with tofu and roasted vegetables recipe Santosh made in the rice cooker. 


Cutting up veggies.

 Breakfast Casserole in the crockpot. 

Tomorrow we’ll cook multiple salmon and tilapia for the week. Now we don’t have to worry about making a lot of things for Monday. 
While we were watching the Martian, we realized we had half a bottle of wine left. Major problem! We decided to venture out in the snow to CVS (since in the DC area CVS stores sell wine and beer… A very weird concept where I’m from in NJ). 

It was so beautiful outside! There was literally no one on the roads, minus the people walking to cvs with the same idea we had and the weatherman from the news, Pat Collins, who does the weather with his measuring stick (he actually reported the weather right next to CVS where we went). 



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