Weekend In Recap: Pedicures & Handbag Bingo

After a really busy week with work and teaching, I went to New Jersey (I’m originally from South Jersey near the beach) on Friday to visit my family and participate in a fundraiser for my niece’s dance competition.

Nail Necessity

On Saturday, I went to get a very overdue pedicure and manicure with my mother and sister. It felt so nice! Having my toes done will now allow me to go to yoga without embarrassment over my toes! Since you’re barefoot in yoga, I can’t hide my toes with socks.. which now I don’t have to worry about!  It’s important to remember the care and upkeep of my feet with all the exercise I do. Plus, it’s a nice treat for me!


Coach Handbag Bingo Fundraiser 

My niece is on the dance competition team (which my sister and I both did back in the day at the same dance studio) and there was a handbag fundraiser to raise money for all the members of the competition team. The event was called Coach Handbag Bingo with Bingo, a Silent Auction and a 50/50.

Never being a Bingo player myself, I wasn’t sure how this was going to work, but sitting with good friends who were avid Bingo players, I got the hang out it pretty quick. Each game required a different form of Bingo to win and the prize was handbags from Kate Spade, Michael Kors or Coach.

Around Game 5, I won the game and handbag shown below:


It was a nice surprise since I usually don’t win anything (proof from playing the Powerball drawing last week and not winning).

It was a fun and busy weekend and a short visit. Until next time NJ.


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