Week in Recap: Reality Check

It’s been a week since I started my blog and I have had some time to review my initial goals for January. After a full work week, I was able to accomplish the following:


  • Worked out 5 times this week.
  • Taught 4 Jazzercise Classes
  • Attend 1 Jazzercise Class
  • Went for a Walk
  • Completed 92,414 steps which is the equivalent of 43.75 miles!


  • I brought snacks/lunch for work 2/3 of the week which helped on me controlling my nutrition as well as my wallet.
  • We cooked at home twice this past week.


  • I blogged twice this week.

I feel proud of my accomplishments as I did work out FIVE times this week, when in the past, I might have worked out once or twice. Exercise is such a huge part of my mental and physical health in helping to maintain my stress levels. I notice I sleep better when I work out as well.


Exercise: Trying to Run twice a week while teaching four times a week AND go to Yoga is a bit unrealistic. I have to be able to be realistic about my schedule and my ability to exercise and also take the time to relax.

Meals: Working all day and teaching after work makes it tough to come home and cook. If I plan ahead with a recipe or put a meal in the crock pot the night before (my new crock pot has a timer on it that warms the food once its done cooking), meals will become a little easier.

Blogging: After being on the computer all day I don’t have a desire to get on the computer when I am home. However, I do feel better once I share, so I need to make the time to post. Setting aside time to blog in my planner almost like an appointment will be the best way for me to complete this without pushing it off. I am going to also set up reminders for myself on my phone to achieve this goal each week.

I feel proud of my first week but I want to raise the bar to do better this week in each goal I’ve established for myself. I think with these new perspectives I’ll be able to achieve them!



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