Hello 2016!


Hello 2016! A new year with many exciting possibilities and opportunities. With this new year (the year in which I will turn 30), I have new goals, one of which, is this blog, to share my pursuits of mental and physical health. Each month, I will address the few goals I have to keep it simple. I know from past experience that when I have tried too many all at once I unsuccessfully complete any of them. Goals can also change each month. 

I wrote them down off the list I got from Eat Pray Run DC (I love her blog!) and have a copy in my kitchen next to the weekly calendar and also in my planner, which I will be using this year!


My goals for January are:

  • Workout 6 days a week
  • Go to Yoga once a week
  • Blog 4 to 5 times a week
  • Run twice a week (on the days when I’m not teaching Jazzercise)
  • Cook Meals at Home for 3 days of the week

I can’t wait to check back in on these goals at the beginning of February to see how I did.







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