January’s Come to a Close

I can’t believe January has come to a close! This week has been super busy with catching up due to the snow. A few highlights of the week: 

Wednesday I checked in with my nutritionist, Jaime, who gave me new suggestions for the next few months:

  • No sugar (natural sugar in fruit is ok) 
  • No sauces or syrups 
  • Lower the carbohydrates and stay under 125g a day 
  • Increase the protein
  • Limited alcohol

Friday I went to yoga after work at Epic Yoga which was great! I always feel so much better after class. 

Saturday I did some yoga in the apartment with a video I found on YouTube and then went for a walk. I tried to create the ambiance in the apartment to allow for me to not me distracted. It worked!


This morning, I taught Jazzercise class and had a blast! This was my set below: 


With the new month approaching, I am thinking about my new goals for February which will be posted tomorrow! 


Back to the Regular Routine.. Or So We Thought

 Snow Day 5. Another day of the Federal Government being closed and working from home. Santosh and I ventured out for lunch to our favorite place down the street Jake’s American Grille where I broke my sandwich rule to have a Santa Fe Chicken wrap. It was quite tasty! 

I didn’t feel too guilty since I got my 5k run in and a bonus 2 miles on the elliptical. Here’s my after sweaty pic from the gym: 

It was the best 5k time I’ve run even with the run walk intervals (run 4:00/walk 1:00) . I’m looking at signing up for a few local races and then longterm doing the Disney World Half next January. Can’t wait!

Monday: Weekly Roundup and Recap 

Snow day #4. While the snow stopped, DC  wasn’t ready for life to go on as normal. We both worked from home today which was nice but I also would like to be able to get out of the apartment. 

Maddy was a very helpful assistant today while we worked, taking care of groceries and tasks. (Notice she has her instacart and Comcast bags with her)

For dinner we did a healthy take on juevos rancheros with eggs, tofu, black beans, onions, corn and salsa. Really tasty. 

Looking back on the week for my goals, I’m happy to report that I:

  • Worked out six times this week! 
  • Went to yoga once this week 
  • Ran once this week! 
  • Blogged 4 times this week
  • Cooked and prepped with Santosh so that we can bring our lunches everyday

All in all, I’m really proud of the week, snowstorm and all. Can’t wait for the new week ahead! 

Snow or No Snow.. Sunday’s are for Meal Prep

Day 3 of Snow Storm Jonas. It stopped snowing but there is SO MUCH SNOW. I wonder what the city is going to do with all of it. 

This morning Santosh and I went to the gym. I ran a 5k and it felt so good to run again! After we were done, we stepped outside to cool down and take in the snow. After about 5 minutes we were ready to come back in! 

Since the work week is starting again (whether I want to admit it or not), Santosh and I did additional meal prep today. Santosh put in both salmon and tilapia and also put a tofu black bean bowl in the crockpot (picture to come tomorrow!) I put brown rice and quinoa in the rice cooker so we have both and also made my famous peanut butter protein balls pictured below: 


 The recipe is simple: vanilla whey protein powder, peanut butter, flaxseed, honey and dark chocolate chips. I roll them into small balls and then put them in the fridge. They are a great snack post workout and a quick fix for my very active sweet tooth. I just have to watch my portions. If I eat too many of them I’ll end up like this:


When there’s a Snow Storm… Always Venture Out! 

Day 2 of the snowstorm Jonas here in DC. I am proud to report that Santosh and I got up this morning and went to the gym. Snow can’t stop the workouts! For a protein filled breakfast we split a protein shake (made of Vanilla protein powder, peanut butter, almond milk, banana, strawberries and ice) and some scrambled eggs. 

We decided to do some meal prep today (which is something really useful to do during a snowstorm) with cutting up lots of vegetables for the breakfast casserole (made up of hash browns, spinach, peppers, onions and eggs), bruschetta, and creamy polenta with tofu and roasted vegetables recipe Santosh made in the rice cooker. 


Cutting up veggies.

 Breakfast Casserole in the crockpot. 

Tomorrow we’ll cook multiple salmon and tilapia for the week. Now we don’t have to worry about making a lot of things for Monday. 
While we were watching the Martian, we realized we had half a bottle of wine left. Major problem! We decided to venture out in the snow to CVS (since in the DC area CVS stores sell wine and beer… A very weird concept where I’m from in NJ). 

It was so beautiful outside! There was literally no one on the roads, minus the people walking to cvs with the same idea we had and the weatherman from the news, Pat Collins, who does the weather with his measuring stick (he actually reported the weather right next to CVS where we went). 


When in Doubt, Blog it on the Metro

The last few days have been been busy and i fall asleep each night realizing I haven’t posted. That’s a resolution I’m going to work on changing. But today’s post is brought to you courtesy of the daily delays of WMATA.

Monday I went to yoga with my one of my best girlfriends at Epic Yoga located in DuPont Circle and then we got lunch at Jose Andres’ new place Beef Steak which was quite good and reasonably healthy. Monday night I had a seminar with Santosh and didn’t get home until 11, but despite the time still put chili in the crockpot, which turned out to be quite good!

Tuesday (aside from being only 12 degrees when I left for work) was really busy! I hit my 10,0000 steps even before I got to class to teach. Metro caused me to be about 15 minutes late to class but my customers waited and we were able to do the cardio portion of the class before we had to leave. This was the cardio portion of my (which helped me burn about 500 calories!):

Weekend In Recap: Pedicures & Handbag Bingo

After a really busy week with work and teaching, I went to New Jersey (I’m originally from South Jersey near the beach) on Friday to visit my family and participate in a fundraiser for my niece’s dance competition.

Nail Necessity

On Saturday, I went to get a very overdue pedicure and manicure with my mother and sister. It felt so nice! Having my toes done will now allow me to go to yoga without embarrassment over my toes! Since you’re barefoot in yoga, I can’t hide my toes with socks.. which now I don’t have to worry about!  It’s important to remember the care and upkeep of my feet with all the exercise I do. Plus, it’s a nice treat for me!

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Week in Recap: Reality Check

It’s been a week since I started my blog and I have had some time to review my initial goals for January. After a full work week, I was able to accomplish the following:


  • Worked out 5 times this week.
  • Taught 4 Jazzercise Classes
  • Attend 1 Jazzercise Class
  • Went for a Walk
  • Completed 92,414 steps which is the equivalent of 43.75 miles!

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